Stonepark | Munich

We are currently working with local skateboarders in the town of Munich on the renovation of some serious historic ground: The Stonepark near Munich’s Olympic Park used to be a major landmark of the local scene and remains one of Germany’s oldest public skate parks.

Over the years, the park has been showing significant signs of aging and no longer lives up to the requirements of today’s street skaters. So w sat down with the Munich locals in May 2017 to give them a chance to submit their ideas for what the refurbished Stonepark could look like. True to our LNDSKT design approach, we then met again to review the pre-planning sketch for the park design, created on the basis of their ideas.

The very constructive round-table discussion about the design featured the Munich skate association, Skateboarding München e.V., and the urban living association Urbanes Wohnen e.V., as well as representatives of local government and the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Speaking of the newspaper, the project is featured in a positive article on the project, titled “Out of the Stone Age”, highlighting the fact that the Stonepark used to be a focal point of the scene and that locals are excited to bring the park to the next level with a state of the art design. The City of Munich has allocated EUR 1.8 million for rebuilding Stonepark and our efforts are well underway.

As Munich-based photographer Conny Mirbach sums up the relevance of Stonepark for the local scene:

“This is a highly iconic skate park that has actually raised a few Munich pro skaters. It’s safe to say it has shaped generations of riders.”

The next meeting to discuss the park design will take place after the summer holidays. We’re looking forward to making Stonepark a place where future generations of (pro) skaters can thrive, enjoy skateboarding, and build their skills!


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