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The Stonepark near Munich’s Olympic Park remains one of Germany’s oldest public skate parks and holds special significance for local users. A number of famous German pro skateboarders, including Dennis Busenitz, have learned to master the basics in this place.

The year 2018 will see a complete remodel of the park, on which we worked in close cooperation with the Munich skate association, Skateboarding München e.V., and the Stonepark locals.

The resulting design takes into account the limited amount of space as well as the needs of modern-day skaters, all the while not losing touch with the characteristics of the original park set-up. Ultimately, this will bring forth a location where a new chapter of Munich skateboard history will be written by old and new generations of riders.

Area: 755 m² | Construction budget: €270,000 (net) | HOAI work stages: 1-8

Construction begins: End 2018


With its modern multi-line concept, Stonepark’s design offers more than just linear back-and-forth trick opportunities. Phasing multiple crossing lines, local skaters can now profit from a seemingly unlimited number line variations.

Session #1

The first session featuring local skaters Joscha Aicher, Paul Zenner and Julian Geissinger  – brought to you by Alex Pfeffer. Our conclusion: pure flow and fun!

Involving local skateboarders.

From a crude Styrofoam model all the way to a 3D-rendered model and implementation – local skaters from different age groups were directly involved in all stages of the park’s makeover.

A chapter of German skateboard history.

One of the most famous pro skateboarders with German roots, Dennis Busenitz, has learned to master the basics at Stonepark.



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