Skatepark Volkspark | Dinslaken


Skatepark Volkspark


A complete redesign of the “catalogue-style” skatepark in Dinslaken has been due for a long time now. Reason enough for us to meet up with local skateboard and BMX communities and come up with a completely new design to bring back the spark and give a new face to the old “PDS Skatepark”. As one of the park’s signature objects the volcano feature does not only dominate the aesthetics of the “Park of the sun” but also adds and distributes various new options in the park.

Area: 850 m² | Current HOAI working stages: 1-5

Prognosed construction budget: 320.000€ (net)

Estimated start of construction: Mid ’19 | Estimated date of opening: End ’19 

Client: City of Dinslaken

Good is never enough.

With this principle in mind, our park design went through a constant development process with local participation groups to make sure everyone would be happy in the end.

Skatepark Volkspark


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