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Skatepark Bürgerpark


The Bürgerpark public park in Saarbrücken on the grounds of the town’s destroyed and buried coal harbor is famous among architects and has won the national BDLA Award in 1989. So when it came to developing a plan for a skate park on these symbolically and historically charged grounds, LNDSKT needed to pay special attention to seamless implementation.

The final design features an interplay of locally sourced concrete and bricks, which, even to outsiders, is an obvious fit with existing infrastructure. For active skateboarders, the park design offers all necessary essentials with appealing skate park elements for a high use value.

The skate park design was created in close cooperation with Latz + Partner landscape architects as well as the Saar Skateboarding e.V. association while soliciting detailed feedback from an action committee of local skateboarders.

Area: 1,800 m²; including skate area of 770 m²

Construction budget: €365,000 (net); including €245,000 for skate area

HOAI work stages: 1-8

Test-ride #1.

Featuring Norbert Szombati (LNDSKT Planner), Jost Arens (German Champion ’18 & ’19), Tim Rebensdorf, Justin Sommer and Saarbrücken locals Modo Matinda and Marvin Rausch.

Planning process.

Starting situation – Visualisation – Realisation.

Skatepark Bürgerpark


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