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Working closely with local skateboarding association, Subculture e.V., LNDSKT developed a master plan for a modern-day skate park in the Rheinaue recreational area in the town of Bonn in summer 2016. The main goal: Creating a new hot spot for skateboarding and youth culture in the German city.

As the foundation, we created an overall concept for the skate park that matched the designated location for the park on one hand, and the limited financial resources available on the other hand. Construction will commence in three stages between 2018 and 2020 to transform the former Children’s Traffic Safety Education Center into a state-of-the-art skate park.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the three park segments – street, bowl, and pump track –will cater to a diverse range of user groups and competence levels. Youth development training will be a special focus of the facility, so the project includes revitalization of adjacent building infrastructure to be used as youth center, rental shop, meet-up for skate classes, and more.

Construction stage #1 – STREET

Area: 880 m² | Construction budget: €280.000 (net) | HOAI work stages: 1-9

| Start of construction:  Apr’18 | Opening: Jul’18 

Client: Subculture Bonn e.V. | Construction company: Anker Rampen

Rendering vs Reality.

Even if not every little detail of our 3D renderings can be implemented due to a variety of reasons (e.g budgeting), we as LNDSKT always strive for greatness in bringing the acquired plans of our local interest group to life.

Session #1

The first session, like this one in Bonn featuring Vladik Scholz, Kalle Wien and Tim Hachen, gives us the opportunity to get inside feedback on our design. Which features are working properly? And where is still space for improvements? These honest insights from our skaters are crucial for us and form the basis for every upcoming skatepark planning.

Skate park in three construction stages.

From Children’s Traffic Safety Education Center to modern-day skate park.

1. Street: 900 m²

2. Bowl: 650 m²

3. Pump track: 700 m²

Green space: 1.600 m²

Total: 3.850 m²


Skatepark Support.

Our scope of services begins way earlier than contract assignment. We support efforts by skateboarders and associations such as Subculture e.V. that are lobbying for a new skate park with conceptual advice and insights.

Skatepark Bonn


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