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NikeSB Shelter

In skateboarding, similar to tricks and style also the specifications of skatepark design is described by constant change. When rebuilding the NikeSB Shelter in 2018, we first had to define those exact developments before coming up with a modern street skatepark concept. Here it was important that the design would fit both the qualitative-progressive demands of the sponsor and the functional needs of the client with its daily operations, workshops and events. That’s why the result had to be worked out in a local focus group consisting of experts and users. The final park design with its geometric shapes and numerous possibilities challenges not only professionals but also beginners to make use of the options in terms of street-flow and creativity.

Rebuilt area: 600 m² (total: 1400 m²) | HOAI working stages: 1-8  

Start of construction:  Apr’18 | Opening: Jul’18 

Client: Skatehalle Berlin | Construction company: Yamato Living Ramps

Planning is key.

In order to increase the interaction within our focus group we make use of various crafting materials from local stores in our planning workshops. That way participants are able to create a plastic model on the ground plan and share their ideas with others.

Event & pro approved.

When reopening the NikeSB Shelter during this year’s CPH Open some of the best skateboarders of the world gathered in the park to demonstrate its full creative-progressive potential. Enough reasons that even Berlin local and LNDSKT representative Denny Pham made his way back home to give it a shot.

Rendering vs Reality.

NikeSB Shelter


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