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Welcome to LNDSKT.

We are a planning and consulting company specialized in state-of-the-art skatepark design. Founded and operated by active skateboarders, we support user-oriented skatepark planning covered by HOAI work stages 1-9. We know the specific needs of skatepark users from our own experience. We are truly connected with skateboarders and speak their language. Our mission: To raise the bar for skatepark design in Germany and beyond. This is LNDSKT.


Hirschgarten Skatepark

Multi-Line skatepark with a sculptural aesthetic: Geometric shapes and free-floating elements cater towards the needs of street skaters.



Youth Recreational Center “Am Eisteich”

2.700-square-meter skatepark area: Blending into a harmonious overall concept a street area, skate and BMX bowl and pump track, including multi-court and outdoor fitness.


Skatepark Bauernfeind

Street plaza reimagined in a multi-line concept: Refurbishing and expansion of existing Skatepark Bauernfeind in Nuremberg.



Youth Recreation Park

Local history meets skatepark design: The Youth Recreation Park in the town of Wermelskirchen echoes the look of a former freight train depot.

Our scope of services.

We offer customized skatepark design according to HOAI work stages 1-9 (Official Fee Scale for Services by Architects and Engineers). Our planning process stays close to the goals of our clients as well as the needs of local end users. In order to meet the highest quality control standards, our individualized design approach always follows five core principles:

State-of-the-Art Design

State-of-the-Art Design

Essentials First

Essentials First

Flow is Key

Flow is Key

Green is Beautiful

Green is Beautiful

Skateboarding is Fun

Skateboarding is Fun



Skateboarding exhibits a strong subcultural identity. This is one of the key theses proposed by LNDSKT co-founder Dr. Veith Kilberth in his dissertation ‘The Olympic Skateboarding Terrain: Between Subculture and Sportization’. Based on extensive research, Kilberth poses questions such as; What are the fundamental design principles for skateparks? Which social and cultural aspects of skateboarding need to be considered? What are skateboarding’s 10 identity-creating characteristics? Why are skateparks necessary and what could municipal offerings for skateboard spaces entail in the future? Click below to find a summary of the dissertation’s main takeaways.

“Skateparks are an important meeting point for a local scene with identity-establishing value for teens and young adults. Offering space for autonomous motion experiences without coaches or lesson they fit the contemporary life circumstances of young people.”

Petra Heinemann, Child Welfare Office Cologne

Need support for your local skatepark?

We offer professional support for dedicated skateboarders.

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