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Nike SB Shelter


Since 2014, the Nike SB Shelter skatepark has proven itself as a focus of the Berlin skateboarding scene and literal “shelter” from the city’s harsh winters. The goals of the project were multi-faceted: The park needed to create substantial benefits for the local scene while meeting the athletic and progressive standards of Nike Skateboarding. It also needed to accommodate the company’s HRSC youth development program and offer the backdrop for premium media productions as well as large-scale events.

In cooperation with California Skateparks we created a compact skatepark design within the confines of the 800-square-meter indoor arena and worked closely with Nike and local skateboarders. The result is a multi-functional and premium design that has earned Nike SB Shelter a reputation as one of the world’s leading indoor parks. The park is home to over 2000 skateboard workshops every year and hosts the Nike SB Berlin Open; one of Europe’s largest skate competitions.

The world-renowned indoor skatepark features premium course design in the heart of the German capital.

Making-Of the Shelter.

Experience the story and construction of the Nike SB Shelter park in this video.

Youth Development Training.

Nike SB’s youth development training Honor Roll Skateboard Club features daily workshops at the Nike SB Shelter with fully trained instructors. Every year, the park hosts over 2,000 workshops with over 17,000 participants.

Nike SB Shelter Media Platform.

The Nike SB Shelter maintains a strong media presence via an official website, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts, which broadcast original content to connected skateboarders across the world. The Nike SB Shelter’s platform represents the Berlin skateboarding scene and attracts riders from all over the globe.

Event Arena.

Every year, the Nike SB Berlin Open competition brings amateur and pro skaters from over 30 countries and 3,000 spectators to Berlin.

“If I could have this skatepark in my city, this would be the paradise of my life.”

Marek Zaprazny, Profi Skateboarder

Nike SB Shelter


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